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What should I eat before going to bed to build muscle?

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We are often told not to eat before going to bed as this will make us fat; however when you want to build muscle the game changes a bit. You want to be eating before bed especially if you have an ectomorph body type. Why is it a good idea to eat before going to bed to build muscle? Usually when you ...

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Why do I feel so alone all the time?

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Feeling alone is one of the worst feelings we can have sometimes. Whether you are longing to have friends or you long for a boyfriend or girlfriend or even missing your family. Sitting and waiting for time to pass until you meet someone or until you can see your friends again is not the way to go and can actually ...

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Why is exercise so hard?

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We should all try and exercise in order to stay healthy and energized. However exercise can be really hard sometimes! Going to the gym is the last thing most people want to do. Why do I find exercise so hard? As with anything, beginning something new is usually a learning curve. In this case your body is not used to exercise and ...

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Pros and cons of having a workout partner

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Working out can be tough by itself and we constantly have to push ourselves to go to gym. Step in the workout partner who is there to support and push us to never stop and they request that you do the same for them. However it’s not always that simple. Partners can turn bad and you yourself can be the ...

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What are the signs of overtraining and spending too much time in the gym?

Mon, 23rd of Jul 2012
We all want results faster and eager to push ourselves to the limit - we have a goal and our motivation is on fire. Some even go to the extreme to spend almost all day in the gym. However one must be careful as pushing too hard can lead to overtraining which has the reverse effect that we so heavily ...

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Are carbohydrates necessary for building muscle?

Sun, 22nd of Jul 2012
In the bodybuilding community there is a saying going around. High protein – low carbohydrates is what gets you results. This is only made more apparent in most of the supplements on the market. Mostly all of them have high protein contents and very low carbohydrates. It’s almost as if we have become scared of carbohydrates and believe it is ...

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What does focus have to do with bodybuilding success?

Sat, 21st of Jul 2012
I’m sure you can remember the time when you thought about staring bodybuilding and going to gym regularly. Maybe you are in this phase of your life right now trying to find some motivation and reasons why you should exercise. There are many reasons why we want to do this, you could be fed up of being overweight, tired of being ...

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When should I drink a protein shake for maximum muscle growth?

Fri, 20th of Jul 2012
There is no question about it, without adequate protein your body cannot repair damaged muscles enough for growth.  However you not only need enough protein, which is at least 1 gram per your body weight in pounds, but you need to know when to consume protein to optimize your recovery and muscle growth. What types of protein is there and how ...

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How to make weight loss and muscle building permanent

Fri, 15th of Jun 2012
Mostly all of us know how to lose weight, we have read multiple articles, watched countless shows on television of how to lose weight and heard many a couch tell us how to train for best results. Yet we almost always fail. We’ve tried everything from getting a friend to help us reach our goals and to using will power to ...

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10 Exercise Goofs That Make You Look Silly

Fri, 18th of May 2012
We have all seen extremely silly things happening in the gym. Some make us laugh and others just make us shake our heads. Here are the top 10 exercise goofs that make you look silly: 1.  Wearing almost nothing We all know some of the main goals of bodybuilding are to look great and stand out in the crowd. However sometimes we ...

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How can I increase my hgh (Human Growth Hormone) naturally?

Wed, 11th of Apr 2012
There is no doubt that you have learned about the wonderful hormone which is responsible for growth and muscle size, human growth hormone. Without sufficient amounts of this hormone you won’t grow no matter how regular you may be training. The easiest way people try and get more of this hormone is by taking steroids or injections. Yes sometimes this is ...

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Top reasons to workout as a couple

Thu, 15th of Mar 2012
Next to an intense cardio workout, very few things in life get your heart pumping like the closeness of a lover. But why not combine the two, and bulk up in the process? Scientific studies have shown that getting in better shape with your partner can make your relationship stronger, and increase the likelihood that you will reach your weight ...

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The top 5 reasons why we become fat without realizing it

Thu, 23rd of Feb 2012
Losing fat isn’t always easy, we try anything and everything like crazy diets, stop eating by living on cabbage, walk 10,000 steps a day and slave all day on the treadmill. Yet it’s not working at all! Even if you managed to get the weight off it comes back magically as soon as you go back to your normal life. ...

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How important is posture when exercising?

Mon, 5th of Sep 2011
It may not always be obvious but good posture is one of the most important issues when it comes to the functioning of your body as you age.Without practicing good posture throughout your earlier years your back will bend forward giving you a hunchback in the worst cases and putting pressure on your organs, your shoulders will round forward making ...

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Why should I do cardio exercises?

Sat, 23rd of Jul 2011
Doing cardiovascular exercises is no joke and it’s the number one hated exercise. But we are told over and over to just do it. It helps us lose fat and makes us fit, but how exactly does it work and why should you really do it? Why cardio is so difficult? Cardio is an aerobic type of exercise meaning it uses oxygen ...

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Workout time management for shorter workout sessions

Mon, 20th of Jun 2011
How many times have you found yourself wasting time thinking about going to gym, walking up and down the house planning to go and ending up calling a friend to find out if they want to come along? Before you know it you have wasted an hour or more just to find energy to go to the gym. Then when ...

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