10 Exercise Goofs That Make You Look Silly

10 Exercise Goofs That Make You Look Silly

We have all seen extremely silly things happening in the gym. Some make us laugh and others just make us shake our heads. Here are the top 10 exercise goofs that make you look silly:

1.  Wearing almost nothing

10 exercise goofs that make you look sillyWe all know some of the main goals of bodybuilding are to look great and stand out in the crowd. However sometimes we get people that do the extreme. I’m talking about that particular guy who is wearing a fishing net for a shirt and short pants that show erm…too much.

2. Showing off in the mirror

Sometimes I personally wish that I had super confidence, but this is taking it to the extreme. Guys flexing in the mirrors and walking around way too macho is asking for others to find faults. See people are more likely to compliment you when you deserve it, acting as if you are great is just well embarrassing.

3. Talking too much

People we are in the gym to train, build muscle, and shed some pounds. How many times have you been distracted by guys that talk too much? Cracking a quick joke and talking with you workout buddy is all cool, but keep the volume down and don’t distract the whole gym. You might think you are funny, but actually everyone is just thinking what the heck is that guy on about?

4. Making grunting noises

You’ve heard it , I’ve heard it - guys making the strangest noises when lifting weights.  Yes we all make mini grunts when something is really heavy, it’s natural. However screaming it out for everyone to hear is just silly! It’s especially silly if you happen to be lifting a 10kg dumbbell and still making the noise! Breathe…and it will all be OK.

5. Dancing with the weights

In order to grow muscle, you have to hit it hard with heavy weights. Always adding more and more weight as you proceed. However you should know your limit. Have you ever seen a guy almost “swinging and dancing” his way with a machine or dumbbell? That just means he is trying to lift something impossibly heavy. Not only does this look really silly, everyone else knows that the weight is just too damn heavy for the poor guy to lift. If you cannot lift the weight in the normal safe way, then grab a lower weight and save yourself the embarrassment.

6. Bringing your girl along and letter her spot you

Bringing your girlfriend along is great and also a great way to make others envy you. However do not make the silly mistake of letting her spot you. You are embarrassing her and yourself – unless she can really handle the weight. But her falling over you because she cannot help with the bench press is just silly! 

7. Helping too much

We all have that urge to help out the new guy when we see he is doing an exercise wrong. It’s good to help people yes. But be careful! Don’t make the mistake of telling a pro to change his style especially if you are still new to this. Not only will you embarrass him, you will be stripped of your respect. The guy has clearly found his own way to gain muscle…just let him be. Unless you are a physician and seeing someone damaging their knees or back, that’s the only time to give some helpful advice.

8. Forgetting the balance trick

Some people forget the obvious sometimes… a weight is heavy. Stacking it all on one side of the straight bar instead of balancing it out on both sides is asking for disaster! I’ve seen my fair share of straight bars flying up in the air, and it can not only be super silly but dangerous as well. Remember people what goes up must come down and what goes left must go right.

9. Is that a team effort?

Gyming it out with a buddy is great. You can go much heavier when someone can help spot you and your success might be faster. However do not make lifting weights a team effort. Spotting is about being there in case your friend’s muscle fails and helping him slightly with the last rep if he cannot manage to lift it back safely to the rack. Lifting it together is just silly and besides you will only be actually lifting a half of the real weight if your friend is doing all the work!

10. Not using the clips

We all think we have perfect balance and have everything in control, but not using the clips to keep weights on the bar can make you look really silly when you do a bench press and the weights start sliding off! Before you know it the bar is doing its own little show as the weight drops off on one side and counter balancing by throwing off the other side making flip flops and it goes along. Not only will everyone stop what they are doing and look at you, but you will feel really silly!

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