Am I an ectomorph body type?

Am I an ectomorph body type?

Knowing your body type is essential in order to know how you should proceed in building muscle. There are 3 main types of body types namely:

Ectomorph : Recognized for having a skinny and slim body frame , long thin arms, low fat storage and high metabolism , ectomorphs find it hard to gain any weight.

Mesomorph: Recognized for having strong and wide bones, well defined muscles, having a large torso and narrow waist. The body is typically in a rectangular shape and well defined and has a low fat storage. It is easy for mesomorphs to gain muscle or lose weight.

Endomorph: Round and soft body, much of the weight is stored in the abdominal area and fat is stored more easily. Endomorph’s arms and legs are typically short and taper. The face is spherical in shape.

In this article I will concentrate on the ectomorph body type if you think that you are another body type you can have a look at the articles that covers these although there is a very high possibility that you can be a mixture of 2 types so it would be a good idea to find out which one you lean towards.

As an ectomorph you will surely know that it’s hard to gain weight , most people would have told you all your life that you are lucky to not gain weight when you eat like crazy and nothing happens to your weight, however if you want to build muscle then that is not so lucky , now is it ? The good news is that is it VERY possible to gain lots and lots of muscle even though you are an ectomorph.

You are only going to have to train harder, master your self-discipline and EAT EAT EAT a lot more than you are use to. I myself lean a lot towards the ectomorph body type and I managed to put on quite a few pounds in a very short time.

As an ectomorph you do have a few benefits which the other body types do not have.

-You have a very fast metabolism, which means you can burn fat fast, just be careful not to burn the protein too. But what this means is that you can enjoy food and a lot of it too. You do not have to go through hunger pains and you can get away with cheating now and then. Remember an ectomorph needs huge amounts of calories to grow. You might need as much as 200-300 grams of protein a day to gain muscle.

- As an ectomorph you don’t have to spend so much time in the gym, workouts should be short and HEAVY and you should focus mainly of the main muscle groups. It’s all about the eating and as long as your muscles is stimulated they will grow , don’t spend endless hours in the gym as you will waste your energy and actually your body will start to burn calories from your muscles ! Go home and eat!

-As ectomorphs age they actually turn more into mesomorphs as your metabolism slows down which is great news isn’t it? This means you can slow down on eating but still have the other benefits.

-Ectomorphs are lucky where they find it easier to do dead lifts because of their longs arms, and as it happens to be dead lifts is one of the best muscle building exercises.

Supplements are highly recommended if you are an ectomorph. It will be pretty hard especially in the beginning to eat so much and get in all those vitamins and protein; this is where supplements make it easier. You should also try and eat something before going to bed as your fast metabolism will deplete your nutrients before you wake up.


So now that you know more about your body type, you can focus more on the areas that matter. Remember being an ectomorph is not such a disadvantage, you can and will put on huge amounts of muscle if you make the effort.

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