Am I an endomorph body type?

Am I an endomorph body type?

Knowing your body type is essential in order to know how you should proceed in building muscle. There are 3 main types of body types namely:

Ectomorph : Recognized for having a skinny and slim body frame , long thin arms, low fat storage and high metabolism , ectomorphs find it hard to gain any weight.

Mesomorph: Recognized for having strong and wide bones, well defined muscles, having a large torso and narrow waist. The body is typically in a rectangular shape and well defined and has a low fat storage. It is easy for mesomorphs to gain muscle or lose weight.

Endomorph: Round and soft body, much of the weight is stored in the abdominal area and fat is stored more easily. Endomorph’s arms and legs are typically short and taper. The face is spherical in shape.

Endomorphs are usually strong and big boned, your body stores fat more easily as your metabolism is very sluggish. Fat tends to be stored in the lower parts of your body like your thighs, butt, lower abdomen and hips.

As an endomorph you gain fat very fast if you follow the wrong diet like eating junk food, however to lose the fat you need more than a diet change.

Your diet should consist of high amounts of water and fibre intake to flush out all the waste out of your body, you should keep your fat and carbohydrate intake low and eat more protein to keep your strength up and build muscle.

The number one mistake most endomorphs make is trying to do a crash diet or starving themselves and do binge eating at night. This is horrible for your metabolism as your deprive your body of food and then pig out at night with anything you can lay your hands on. What happens here is that your body becomes selfish, you starve it 90% of the day so it learns to KEEP holding onto the fat and your metabolism slows down even more than normal. So instead of releasing fat it won’t let go of it at all. What you should be doing is actually eat 7-8 small meals per day. This will let your body know that you are not starving it and your metabolism will be active all day and increase in speed letting go of the fat. These meals should contain low amounts of slow releasing carbohydrates which can be found in brown rice, fruits, vegetables, whole wheat bread and oatmeal.

As I mentioned above a diet alone won’t help you lose the weight. As an endomorph you need lots and lots of cardio workouts which will burn the fat off. You need at least 3-4 cardio sessions per week. You should try and keep your heart rate in the optimal range for your age to maximize your workout. Most machines in the gym have a chart next to it to monitor your heart rate; otherwise you can get yourself a heart rate monitor watch. You should be doing strength exercises as well and should do higher reps that other body types. You should do about 8-12 reps per set as this will give you that burn feeling which is good to burn off the fat.

As long as you stick to your diet and exercise routine and build your discipline you will have no problem to keep the weight off and have a great body.

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