Before and after weight loss photos

Before and after weight loss photos

You’ve probably seen these silly before and after photos a million times on television and newspapers and magazines. Most times these photos are fake and the effect of selling products with these kinds of photos has decreased at bit. Is it really possible for people to go from skinny to super buff or fat to skinny?

Of course it is, but you will have to prove this for yourself. There lies much power in the feeling you get when you look at an older photo and see how much you transformed. Keeping a photo log of before and after photos is one of the best motivational tools available. You have a very clear goal in mind and you will know when you reach it.

How do I take before and after photos?

Taking before and after photos are easy. All you have to do is use the same location and distance you took the picture the first time. If you have major transformations this isn’t as important, but being able to measure from a specific pose is better. Get a friend to help you as you will need a full body shot. If you have a self-timer camera that can help when alone.

Take a body shot from the front as well as from the side and back. Here is an example of a picture from the front.

before and after bodybuilding

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Analysing the results

You should be taking a picture once every month using the same location. This will give your body enough time to make a visible change. Compare your photos and see what results you got. You might be struggling to lose stomach fat or maybe you chest needs work. You can now concentrate on what looks bad and stay motivated by improving each time.

Always keep your very first picture close by, looking back at the oldest picture will give you the greatest motivation boost when comparing to the newest one.

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