Do bodybuilders have a healthy heart?

Do bodybuilders have a healthy heart?

If you are like me, you want to live for a very long time - even into your 90’s. However I was also very afraid that when I do bodybuilding I will harm my heart. Just how big a risk is it to do bodybuilding and can we believe all the rumours out there and what can we do about it? The problem is that most bodybuilders forget to train their most important muscle and take care of it – the heart.

Why would bodybuilding harm your heart?

As you get bigger and bigger your heart will need to pump more blood around your body increasing the work load on your heart. Not doing enough cardio exercises will make this difficult for your heart. Bodybuilders also tend to starve themselves incorrectly when they are getting ready for competitions - again harming the heart.

The biggest factor of harming your heart is obviously using steroids and drugs to cheat in order to grow bigger. I am no fan of using steroids and prefer natural bodybuilding. Steroids are a cause of many illnesses faced when used for long periods of time. Please stay away from it.

How do I keep my heart healthy?Bodybuilding and a healthy heart

You should not be afraid of bodybuilding when you do it the correct way. Make it a priority to live healthy first and get big secondary. This might go against many bodybuilders’ motto but natural bodybuilders do bodybuilding for health reasons do we not? So let’s focus on staying healthy.

Doing exercise has been proven over and over to increase the health of your heart. So if you are a bodybuilder and NOT doing cardiovascular exercises, start today. You must do cardio exercises to keep your heart healthy; cardiovascular exercises will increase the strength of your heart and actually reduce the number of pumping needed when you are resting because it will be more efficient. Doing cardio 3-4 times a week is recommended. This will keep your heart strong enough to keep pumping the blood without much effort.

The second thing we need to do and this is just as important as exercise is to eat clean. We need to eat a well balanced diet for our hearts to stay healthy. Foods such as blue berries, yogurt, pumpkin, fish such as salmon, vegetables, and avocado are great in keeping your heart healthy. Do not eat protein alone and make sure you only eat the required amount of protein when training to keep your liver healthy.

As always the best way to keep healthy is to prevention. So make sure you do these: exercise and eating healthy. You should also go for regular checkups to make sure your heart stays healthy.


Doing bodybuilding is healthy and fun as long as you do it the right way. Do not be afraid to follow your dream of becoming the next biggest bodybuilder, just take care of your heart and you won’t have to worry about it. Live long and be happy.

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