How to stop drinking coffee and feel great

How to stop drinking coffee and feel great

Let’s face it, coffee is very addictive and if you have ever tried giving up coffee before you will know how hard it can be. Giving up coffee or even just reducing the amount you drink has many benefits.

We all started out drinking only one cup; this number quickly escalates as you get more addicted. We tend to grab a cup at every opportunity we get. This is a big problem if you work in an office environment where everyone constantly drinks coffee. It’s no surprise many people get in 5-6 cups a day or perhaps even more. I knew a guy in my office which made 2 cups of coffee in one go because it’s easier than to get up twice. The problem with coffee is that it only gives us a temporary boost and then our energy plummets and we need another cup, creating a vicious cycle.

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What would giving up coffee do for me?

The problem with drinking coffee is that is contains caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that makes us feel alert and awake because we release adrenaline. We do not actually realize that this is happening to us because we start out slow. But when you get to 6 cups a day and keep this habit for years, you start to notice health problems. Sleepless nights, anxiety disorder, chronic fatigue, stress, acid heart burn, rise in body temperature, waking up feeling like you have not slept and many more.

Thus giving up coffee can actually relieve these symptoms. These symptoms won’t actually disappear immediately. Caffeine can stay in your body for about 6 months to completely be removed. But you will start to see an effect within a month or so.

How do I stop drinking coffee?

Will power alone will not let you stop drinking coffee. I tried this myself many times and failed miserably. You need to understand that drinking coffee has become a habit and to break a habit takes a while. There are a few things you can do however.

Since we want to get rid of the caffeine, you can do the following: Go and buy yourself the same brand of you usual coffee but get the decaffeinated bottle. What you do now is you have both the decaffeinated coffee and your usual coffee. Continue drinking your normal coffee and each time your bottle stock starts to decrease, add a bit of the decaffeinated coffee to the bottle and shake it up well to mix the decaffeinated and normal coffee. Doing this you will slowly convert to decaffeinated coffee but still drink your coffee as normal.

This is the easiest way to stop drinking coffee. Soon the addiction will fade and you won’t crave coffee anymore and you won’t experience any withdrawal symptoms.

If you want to give up any form of coffee completely then you are going to have to do it a bit differently. You can use the same trick as before and decrease the amount of cups you drink per day. But do this slowly. Reduce your number of cups by one every 2 or 3 weeks. Until you either reach 0 or the number of cups you are happy with.

The only way to stop drinking coffee in a short amount of time is to find proof to shock or disgust yourself. If your doctor told you that if you drink one more cup of coffee you might go blind or die, then you will have linked drinking coffee to something terrible and you would not want to drink another cup ever again. But this only works if you are really in danger because of drinking way too much coffee.


Giving up coffee will give you tons of stable energy and just better general health, just remember to take it slow and you will be able to achieve your goal.

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