Jaco de Bruyn

Jaco de Bruyn

How I started with bodybuilding: I always liked looking after myself and my body; I was very successful in the modelling industry in South Africa so you had to always look good! I had to make a decision whether or not I’m going to go full on in the model industry or bodybuilding, so I decided to combine the two and go full on in fitness modelling which will probably end up in the future as bodybuilding. The passion has grown so much and I already build a huge platform for myself in the industry.

My motivation comes from reading about the industry, I followed a lot of athletes over the years, and there are few very successful athletes that helped me to get where I am today. I also read a lot about bodybuilding and nutrition and one thing I know is that you will never know enough about this sport, you will learn something new every day. It’s all about results, the more you see results the more motivated you get to work even harder to achieve your goal.

My workout routine is nothing special really; I am a firm believer in training one body part a day just to give that 100% attention to a specific muscle. I also do change my program every 8 weeks so that your body doesn’t get use to the same routine over and over. I always try to do my heaviest with each set but my main focus always stays on perfect form.

I always tell people to train smart and not hard because like most people they always want to show off in gym by picking up the heaviest weight but their form is absolutely terrible – you will never get to your goal if your form is not 100% correct in each repetition. Focusing on my form and doing 4 sets per muscle group and never more than 10 reps, I also like to end my 4 sets with 1 more set where I burn the muscle until failure with lower weights.  My message to you is plain and simple and that is to forget about always wanting to go heavy and just focus on your form you will gradually pick up heavier anyway.

Patience is your main ingredient in this sport!

- Jaco de Bruyn

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Jaco de Bruyn's Training Routine

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

- Flat Bench 4x10
- Incline Bench 4x10
- incline flies 4x10
- Cable flies 4x10

- superset 4x30 seated
- calve raises
- and standing calve raises

- standing dumbbell curls 4x10
- seated incline dumbbell curls 4x10
- Hammer curls 4x10
-preacher curls 4x10

-easy bar cable pull down 4x10
-cable rope pull downs 4x10
-incline head crushers 4x10
-dips 4x10

-Seated dumbbell shoulder press 4x10
-Seated lateral side raises 4x10
-Standing barbell lateral raises 4x10
-Military presses 4x10

-Cable crunches 4x15
-Sit-ups 4x20
-Leg raises 4x20

-leg extension 7x30 (low weight)
-squads 4x10 (heavy)
-Leg press 4x10 (heavy)

-superset 4x30 seated calve raises
and standing calve raises

- Flat Bench 4x10
- Incline Bench 4x10
- incline flies 4x10
- Cable flies 4x10

-cable crunches 4x15
-sit-ups 4x20
-leg raises 4x20

-lat pull down wide grip 4x10
-Lat pull down close grip 4x10
-Low row 4x10
-Dead lifts 4x10

-superset lying leg curls with
standing leg curls 4x10
-superset stiff leg with
seated hamstring curls 4x10

Rest day

Jaco de Bruyn's Diet Plan

My diet is as follows, 80% of a good body starts in the kitchen and it took me a few years to learn this. If you don’t diet properly you will never get your
physique the way you want it. I always try my best to have more than 6 meals a day and at least 4 shakes.

Meal 1: shake, oats, and 8 eggs
Meal 2: after training Protein Shake
Meal 3: rice cakes with cottage cheese with tune
Meal 4: chicken/fish or ostrich with broccoli/green beans and brown rice
Meal 5: protein shake, nuts, banana or rice cakes
Meal 6: rice cakes with cottage cheese and tune
Meal 7: chicken/fish or steak with 2 green vegetables and brown rice/sweet potato

My body fat is always low and never above 7% to be honest so I don’t really focus a lot on any of the above but if I really want to get rid of water I do a few
sessions of cardio a week

Supplements I use in my diet:

  •     Preworkout
  •     Isolated whey
  •     L-glutamine
  •     BCAA
  •     Casein slow release protein
  •     Multivitamin
  •     Creatine

A litte more about me

If you have to pick only 3 exercises, what would they be and why?

Incline chest press, squats and dead lifts

I believe that incline chest exercises is the only way to get a bigger chest because it builds the upper chest, squatting is the only way to get huge legs (shut up and squat) and I believe that dead lifts is a all round body exercise, it helps to strengthen the core, build bigger hammies and a huge back, what more do you want ha-ha

Favourite Quote?

"Desire is the key to motivation, but it's the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal- a commitment to excellence- that will enable you to attain the success you seek."

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