Pros and cons of having a workout partner

Pros and cons of having a workout partner

Working out can be tough by itself and we constantly have to push ourselves to go to gym. Step in the workout partner who is there to support and push us to never stop and they request that you do the same for them. However it’s not always that simple. Partners can turn bad and you yourself can be the problem. Let’s look at some pros and cons as to why a workout partner is good and bad for you.

Flex lewis and workout partnerPros of having a workout partner:

  • You partner will push you to go to gym when you feel lazy
  • Will support you with the more difficult exercises like the bench press
  • You influence and motivate each other to work out harder
  • You don’t feel alone in your quest to lose weight or bulk up
  • Having a friend with you will boost you confidence automatically meaning you get more done without feeling like everyone is staring at you
  • You can share nutrition plans and ideas boosting you success


Cons of having a workout partner:

  • When you are both lazy you will sabotage each other into not going to gym. It’s ok to not go to gym when you both feel tired right?
  • Partners can sabotage your workout when they think they are superior to you. They will neglect your rest times or not help enough because their workout is more important.
  • Workouts can be severely sabotaged when workout time becomes a “fun” time rather than working out. Yes it should be enjoyable, that is very important but don’t make it hurt your workout.
  • When both of you do not have the same goals in mind, fights might occur. Make sure you are both aiming for the same result.
  • Be careful of a workout partner that is always making excuses to not go to gym and that is aiming for the easy exercises all the time. They do not really want to be there and they will drag you down with them.

As we see there are many pros and cons of having a workout partner. It really depends on the person you pick as a workout partner. Some people are a match made in heaven and some a match made in hell. I’ve definitely had my fair share of partners from hell. They cost me quite some time which is now wasted and I can never get back. But I’ve had a partner that was really great, I’ve never made so much progress in such a short time and working out was super fun.

Always remember you deserve the best, only get partners that boost you. And if you cannot find a partner, all is not lost. Working out alone is just as fun, however then you have to rely on your own self-discipline and you should see yourself as your own workout partner, you need to push yourself and keep on being persistent.

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