Which body type am I ?

Which body type am I ?

If you have been exercising and trying everything to lose or gain weight and nothing works for you no matter how hard you try you may be doing the wrong training or diets for your body type.

There are 3 main basic human shapes and these are called samatotypes and can be listed as ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs.

Male body types:

Ectomorph : Recognized for having a skinny and slim body frame , long thin arms, low fat storage and high metabolism , ectomorphs find it hard to gain any weight.

Mesomorph: Recognized for having strong and wide bones, well defined muscles, having a large torso and narrow waist. The body is typically in a rectangular shape and well defined and has a low fat storage. It is easy for mesomorphs to gain muscle or lose weight.

Endomorph: Round and soft body, much of the weight is stored in the abdominal area and fat is stored more easily. Endomorph’s arms and legs are typically short and taper. The face is spherical in shape.

Female Body Types:

Hourglass shape: These women have curvy hips and bust and a small waistline. This body shape gains muscle easy and loses fat just as easy. The hourglass shape can also be considered as a mesomorph body type.

Apple shape: Women with an apple shape body tend to have a larger upper body and bust with smaller thinner legs. The apple shape can be considered as a combination of ectomorph and endomorph as the lower region of the body is ectomorph and the upper body is considered endomorph.

Pear Shape: These women typically have narrow shoulders with wide hips, bottom and thighs. The pear shape is the reverse shape of the apple shape where it is also a combination of ecto-endomorph body shape but here the lower body part is considered as endomorphic and the upper body is ectomorphic.

Tube shape:  This body shape lacks curves and these women have what is called a boyish look with small waist, narrow hips and bottom. This is actually the look that most women desires according to some studies done as these women fit into almost any clothes. The tube shape can be considered as an ectomorph body type.


I am an ectomorph , tell me more.

I am a mesomorph , tell me more.

I am an endomorph , tell me more.

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